“...our Legacy, our commitment for a stronger future”

“...continuing a long-standing tradition in Shipmanagement”

Company History

Genoa Maritime S.A. was established in 1996 in Piraeus, Greece under Law 89/67 provisions for Ship Owning / Ship Management companies with the purpose to offer high quality “tailor” made services in the areas of Ship Management, Crew Management and related maritime services.

The Company started its operations in January 1997 with one 30,000 dwt product tanker and gradually increased the number of managed ships during the subsequent years to an average of up to ten units over the period.

Since 1997 till today, beyond the regular ship and commercial management of Oil/Product tankers engaged in the clean and dirty petroleum products, Genoa Maritime S.A. has developed a solid specialisation in the niche market of oils and fats (Vegoils) as well as molasses and Urea fertilisers.

Genoa Maritime S.A. Legacy

1940s to 1960s

history genoa maritime

The company has its roots in the late 1940s when family members started in Genoa, Italy their ship-owning and shipping operations in various sectors including tankers, Ro/Ro, passenger ferries and dry cargo vessels.

1960s to 1980s

history genoa maritime

The group was involved in a series of newbuilding projects of various type of ships, as well as with a number of very large conversion projects including, already in 1962, the conversion of a General Cargo/Passenger Vessel into a purpose built luxury cruiser for the Caribbean, thus initiating the notion of the specialised Caribbean Cruises.

1980s to 1990s

history genoa maritime

In the early 1980s, activities were progressively transferred outside of Italy, as the increasing subsidies’ intervention by the Italian State in favour of the then state-owned liner companies eventually led many independent ship-owners either to exit the market or shut down their operations.

1990s to Present

history genoa maritime

In the early 1990s, operations moved to Piraeus in Greece. Upon a successful acquisition of the first vessel, a 50,000 Dwt product tanker, the Company at this point of time proceeded with the further expansion of its fleet. The focus was mainly on the Chemical Tankers sector. This eventually led to the establishment of Genoa Maritime S.A. in 1996 with its main scope and focus to offer quality and comprehensive range of services to its Principals in all aspects of the management of all types of vessels with main emphasis on Oil/Product tankers, Chemical tankers and Dry-Cargo vessels.