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Company Profile

Genoa Maritime S.A. is a leading shipmanagement company offering an extended range of reliable services to its valuable shipping Clients with extended expertise and proven track records in Oil & Chemical Tankers and Dry Bulk Carriers.

The company’s headquarters are located in Piraeus, Greece where all the main activities are run and co-ordinated for its Clients of various nationalities including Swiss, Italians, Germans, Greeks, Monegasque, etc.

Crew Management (officers & ratings) is managed through Genoa Maritime’s own office Genmarco Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd. located in Mumbai, India thus maintaining a large pool of Officers and Ratings, qualified, experienced and loyal to the Company’s principles.

Ever increasing stringent regulations developed year by year, necessitates an adaptive approach, which ensures our clients a trustworthy, safe, environmentally protective and commercially sound operational practice, both afloat and ashore.