“...running ships at the highest quality standards...”

“...run ships Safely & Economically”

Full Technical Management

Our company offers Full Technical Management for the vessels in the Fleet, taking care of the Principals’ valuable assets, always relying to the long established company’s approach to:

  • Run vessels safely and economically and,
  • Maintain all vessels in highly accepted standards to meet and at times exceed all international regulations, Class and Oil Majors requirements.

Distinction in technical management is at the core of Genoa Maritime modus operandi.

In order to achieve the above, intercompany quality systems and hands-on control management system have been established in order to ensure that every Vessel’s hull, machinery and equipment is properly monitored and maintained. Competent officers and crew familiar with the particular type and trading of every Vessel are employed and experienced superintendent engineers monitor and inspect the Vessels frequently for a smooth operation.


Accumulated experience through the years and a long-lasting excellent record with Port State Controls (PSC) worldwide, especially in the USA, has awarded Genoa Maritime S.A. with a QUALSHIP 21 distinction conferred by the United States Coast Guard (USCG).

Our purchasing team ensures that procurement of stores and spare parts is undertaken effectively to meet the high quality fleet requirements while managing associated costs. Annual budgets, strict control on running expenses and efficient accounting systems are applied and monthly financial reports are compiled and sent thus ensuring and maintaining transparency and cooperation with Clients.