“...our Seafarers, our most valuable asset...”

“...Crew. The most essential factor”

Crew Management

Crew is the most important factor to achieve and maintain a safe and smooth operation of our Fleet.

We use stringent search and selection methods to ensure that our Seafarers not only have the required professional qualifications, but also the required personality and proficient English language skills. In addition, professional development and education of all crew staff is our main element which ensures that each Vessel of the Fleet will be operated at its maximum potential and achieve the best possible results with PSC, USCG and Vetting inspections.

Genoa Maritime S.A. has achieved throughout its years of operation a Crew retention rate well above 90% at Fleet level as a result of its well trained, experienced and qualified large pool or loyal Officers and Ratings.


In order to meet the ever increasing demanding challenge of all elements involved in Crewing worldwide, Genoa Maritime S.A. established in 2003 and maintains till today a wholly owned subsidiary company Genmarco Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd., located in Mumbai, India with the function of managing, recruiting and training all the Fleet’s Crew (Officers & Ratings). Our Mumbai Office is licensed to operate as a CMO from DG Shipping, a member of FOSMA and certified by DNV.

All Seafaring staff recruited through our company holds the required experience and all the necessary certificates and qualifications to comply with STCW 78/95 Convention and special endorsements.